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How To Place An Order

Create a free account: Please fill your personal details accurately for ease in creating the invoice for tax purposes.

To place a new order, click New Project

Add the Project Title (ensure to add a different project title for each project). If you are ordering multiple projects, click the “+” to add a new title.


Fill in the Number Of Words for the project. Our rate is $2.5/100 words

Fill in As Much Detail As Possible about the particular article or book you want us to write for you. The more info you give, the higher the likelihood that we will meet your expectations.

If you have any Attachment that you want to add, attach the file. If your work needs special formatting, please attach a document showing the formatting you want.

Checkout Securely And Print Invoice if you want to. If you want to cancel order before checkout, you can empty cart by clicking the X on the Show Cart Icon.


Upon Checkout, You Will Receive A Confirmation Email From Us.

Leave the rest to us; we will deliver as soon as possible

Please Send Us A Confirmation Email + Feedback when you review the work (we love feedback).

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