How It Works

Our promise

If you are ordering:

How To Place An Order

Click on Place Order on any of the pages (including here):

Fill your details at the top

From the dropdown menu, select the option that best describes what you want us to do for you:


Then follow the prompts for the particular option you selected:

Fill in As Much Detail As Possible about the particular project as possible. The more info you give, the higher the likelihood that we will meet your expectations.

If you have any Attachment that you want to add, attach the file. If your work needs special formatting, please attach a document showing the formatting you want.

On the right-hand side, click on “I’ve read and accept the terms and conditions” checkbox and verify that you are not a bot.

If you have a discount code, enter the discount code then click get discount

Then click checkout if you had only one order.

If you have multiple orders to order at once e.g. 5 5000 words books, click add to cart after filling the order details.


After adding to cart, you will be brought to this page to select the next service:

Follow the prompts as illustrated above, then click ‘add to cart’ if you want to add another one. Follow the prompts until you have added all the projects.

Once done adding all projects to cart, scroll up to find “View Cart” at the top right corner then click on it:

A page like the one shown below will display:

Click Pay Bulk Amount to pay for all the projects or delete some that you want to delete if you wish to remove some before paying.

Checkout allows you to edit a specific project before checking out that specific project individually.

Checkout Securely With PayPal. Make sure to wait until you get to the payment confirmed page after paying with PayPal. This will ensure the project is marked as paid; otherwise, we will have to mark it as paid manually.

Print Invoice if you want to.

Upon checkout, You Will Receive A Confirmation Email From Us.

Leave the rest to us; we will deliver as soon as possible.

If you want to follow up or add more instructions, send a message through the website for the specific project to avoid confusion.

Please Send Us A Confirmation Email + Feedback when you review the work (we love feedback).

If you love us, Spread The Word And Write A Testimonial. We will feature that on our Homepage.

If you are already logged in, to start the order process, click New Project from your dashboard, then follow the prompts!