Can I get a revision for a book that you guys wrote for me?

Yes. Please note that while we provide unlimited revisions, for best results, it would be great if you provide a comprehensive review the first time to fasten things up.Don't just say you don't like the book or it sounds off; be specific on what you want changed.

Do you write fiction books?

Unfortunately no; we only do non-fiction books since evaluating quality is usually more objective.

Do you add content to an existing book?

Yes. We charge the same rate as doing a brand new book so simply place an order for the number of words you want us to add to your book and then describe what you want us to do.

Do you improve already written books?

Yes. We will write everything again; if you feel a book is really off, your readers will probably feel the same thing so it is best to have it redone. You will be amazed by what we have to offer.

Will you proofread all the work and format it for kindle?

Yes. We proofread and format all work to ensure it is ready for publishing.

Do I own the copyrights to the content that you've delivered?

Yes. We are ghostwriters and all work we do is on ghostwriting basis. We do not retain any rights to the content that we deliver to you. As such, you are free to use it as you please. You can check our Terms of Services for more details.

Do you have writers who can do technical books on niches like programming and the likes?

Yes. But the number of writers who can do books on these niches is limited. As such, some books might take a little longer than our normal delivery times- they could take one more week to deliver.

Do you have writers who can write books in other languages besides English?

Unfortunately, all our writers speak English language. As such, we might not be able to do books/articles on the language niche because we cannot guarantee quality.

Why has my project not been delivered?

There could be several reasons for this. It is best to get in touch with us to confirm why. However, the most common reason is that we are behind schedule in delivering work by a few days. Before you send us a follow up, check whether we may already have delivered the project but you missed the notification email about the delivery. You can do that by clicking on the Delivered Projects tab.

Why are you not replying to my emails?

We strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours (Monday-Saturday).We strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours (Monday-Saturday). We can assure you that we reply to all emails. As such, before you send a follow up, please check your spam folder to confirm whether our email landed in the spam folder. If you still don't find anything, check the specific project that you are following up on (within the Ongoing Projects tab)- you may find a response there. It could also be Sunday in our time zone (GMT +3)-when we are closed.

I have orders showing on my dashboard (Ongoing Projects tab) that I did not pay for. How do I cancel these?

The image below has the instructions on how to remove the order from your ongoing orders list.

Do you write books/articles in other languages?

Unfortunately no. All our writers and editors are English speakers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the quality of work done in another language.

Why am I getting an error while using the website?

Please report it to us. We will fix it immediately.

I need my project edited. How do I send the file with my comments to you?

Please attach the document with comments in the comments section for the specific project.

Can I have the writer handling my project to sign the ghostwriter agreement?

We are a ghostwriting business that hires writers. We have terms that our writers have to adhere to. Moreover, we usually do not share details about the writers to clients. By placing orders with us, you are essentially giving work to the business, not the writer. It is the responsibility of the business to deliver work in accordance to the terms of service. The business will assign work to writers based on writing skills and availability/workload.

How do I activate my account after registering with user name and password?

Check your email please. You should receive an email with a link to verify your email. If you have not received any email, notify us; we will activate the account for you.

When you rewrite the books and articles, would it pass plagiarism tests?

Yes. All the work that we deliver is checked for plagiarism before delivery.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We use two main payment processors to accept payments at different times of any given month. 1: PayPal- The recipient for the payment is Antony Mwau 2: Direct Pay Online- This merchant account provider accepts PayPal and Credit Card payments for us. *We can accept payments through Payoneer on request.

How do I add a comment or special instructions to my project?

To add a comment, login to your account and go to the specific project title that you want to add a comment. On the right hand side, you will see a blank space with a comment label at the bottom. Insert your comment(s) in the blank space then click comment.

Do you include illustrations in the books?

Yes. We do that when something needs more than words to explain it well.

Do you offer cover creation services?

Yes. You can choose the book cover creation service from the dropdown menu when placing an order.

I cannot login to my account even after resetting my password. What is wrong?

Please note that the username is case sensitive. If you are getting a user does not exists message, please confirm whether you are keying it correctly.

My login keeps saying that I did not register but I did. Can you please help me?

Note that the username field is case sensitive. As such, make sure to enter the details exactly as you did when creating your account.

How can I cancel my order and get refund

Please send us a message with details of the project. Note that we only issue refunds for projects that we have not yet delivered. We do not issue refunds for projects that we have already delivered.

Do you write recipe books with illustrations for example a picture of meals meal of the recipes?

Yes. Please note that finding appropriate royalty free images for specific recipes may be a problem.

Can you guys help me include pictures in a book?

Yes. We do this at no extra charge if we are the ones writing the book.

Can I edit the delivered article/project myself?

Yes. However, if you are not sure about how to format the document after delivery, you can send it back to us.

where do I input my discount code before checkout?

At the bottom left hand side of the Order Details page.

How much time do I have to request a revision if I am not happy with the work delivered?

You are free to request free revisions within 14 days of the project being delivered.

What is the average cost to write a short book for amazon kindle, apporximately 5000-6000 words? Thanks!

It will cost you $125 for 5,000 words and $150 for 6,000 words.

I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

Please enter the order details i.e. title, subtitle and description then click on Save & Checkout. The next page will give you an option to apply the coupon code before checkout.

Delivered Project Tab where exactly is same on website


How long does a 6000 word book take to produce?

We deliver up to 10,000 words within 2 weeks.

My account is saying I did not place a order when I placed a order on....

Send us a message. It could be a glitch.

Do you do coloring books?

Unfortunately not at the moment. We will introduce this service later in 2019.

I had a delivered project before around 2015. I lost the original file and I want to download it from you. However, I can see the download button but nothing inside. Could you help? Thanks.

Send us a message please. We will re-upload the file for you.

How many pages in a fiction kindle book, would constitute 5000 words/ 6500 words / 10 000words

This depends on the structure of the content but generally, 5000, 6500 and 10,000 will get you at least roughly 24, 30 and 50 pages respectively.

I am trying to place a new order. What kind of file I need to attach?

The website supports the following file formats: .doc, .pages, docx, .xls, pdf, .xlsx, .txt. For any other format, please let us know.

Is it same pricing for reformatting and improving already written books?


Is editing/formatting same pricing?

The price will depend on the quality of the written content. We have 2 packages for editing. If the content is written well and does not require a significant amount of rewriting, we charge half of our standard rate i.e. $1.25/100 words. But if the content requires significant changing, we charge the standard rate for writing. As such, we will need to see the document to give a quote. Send it to our email.

Do you write poetry

Unfortunately no.

Do you write book title? subtitle? book description?

We can help.

Where can i download my book?

From the delivered projects tab while you are logged in to your account.

How do i change a project i requested?

Add the new title as a comment to the specific project.

I read the most frequently asked questions! and I would be very interested in the topic of coloring books for children or adults in the article you write that it is possible that you will deal with this topic in 2019 or have you already considered such a possibility?

We do offer the service intermittently. We are still working on building our capacity to handle big volumes of coloring books.